Alcohol Awareness Webinar Announced for November 18th! - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Alcohol Awareness Webinar Announced for November 18th!

Alcohol Awareness Week takes place on the 16th – 22nd November, and focuses around how alcohol affects our mental health and wellbeing. To join in and raise awareness, we are running a free webinar which will focus on Addiction Awareness with the inclusion of alcohol within the programme. 

Our free webinar will run from 10am-12pm via Zoom, and include talks from support organisations along with stories from those who have overcome addiction issues. 

Speakers Include: 

Gary Goldstein is author of “Jew in Jail" and is a reformed addict and prisoner from Brooklyn, New York. He now helps other addicts through his motivational and inspirational speeches.
Gary will speak on never becoming frustrated when doors seem to always be closed in our faces, because we all have greatness in us, and it is up to each and everyone one to seek out our own hidden talents, and present it to the world in order to make this planet a better place, as well as help anyone on an individual basis too.

Recovery Cymru is a peer-led, mutual-aid, recovery community in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan that empowers people to achieve and maintain recovery while supporting others to do the same. All their activities are community-led. Together, we empower and support each other to enter and move forward in recovery; to develop skills and interests and to improve quality of life.

Recovery Cymru value individuals, the process of change and believe recovery is about improved quality of life, not just the absence of a particular substance. They want to support their members to make tangible differences to their lives.

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