Full Line-Up Confirmed for TMH Conf! - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Full Line-Up Confirmed for TMH Conf!

Just two weeks to book your ticket for the Talking Mental Health Online Conference. We’ve confirmed an amazing line-up of speakers so far, with more added to the list this week!

Talking Mental Health Online Conference provides over 10 speakers for just £30+vat – just £3 per speaker for a whole two days of inspiration, advice and knowledge on a huge range of mental health and wellbeing topics. Read more about our speakers below.

Tickets cost £20+vat for each individual day, or £30+vat for a bundle deal including both conference days.

Topics Include:

  • From Surviving Suicide After Loss Of My Son – To Thriving and LIVING MY BEST LIFE
  • My Best Friend Anorexia and Me
  • Managing PTSD
  • Optimistic Living
  • Understanding and supporting
  • Neurodiversity
  • Hope for recovery and recognising triggers & limits
  • The Bipolar Businessman
  • Let’s Talk About Wellbeing: Growing emotional resilience for recovery in education
  • Empowering Students with Mental Health Issues
  • Promoting Positive Body Image in Young People
  • Parental Wellbeing & Mental Health’
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