Holly Bourne announced as Live Speaker - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Holly Bourne announced as Live Speaker

Our first special guest speaker to be announced for May 20th 2021's Virtual Mental health and Wellbeing Show is……. HOLLY BOURNE!

About Holly

Holly Bourne is a best-selling author whose books are inspired by young people, her own experiences of everyday sexism, and her passion for getting everyone talking about the importance of mental health. Holly previously worked as a journalist and spent six years as an editor and general agony aunt at a mental health and relationships youth charity. Holly Bourne is now an ambassador for Women’s Aid and is a passionate mental health advocate and proud feminist.

The Stories We Tell About Mental Health

Times bestselling author, Holly Bourne, has built her career writing books that tell the truth about the realities of mental illness, helping her readers feel seen and understood. But how can you write about these issues safely? And what changes are happening in the way we view mental illness that need to be addressed in fiction? Holly talks you through how a trauma-informed approach to mental health informs her fiction, and how we can use stories about imaginary people to explore the realities of our own struggles.

Along with 100+ confirmed seminars including: 

  • The history of the MHFA Program – it all started with a dog walk 
    Betty Ann Kitchener       
  • So, working systemically with families to challenge negative thinking in children and young people?
    Tracy Pike MBE   
  • Families, fitness and Covid-19!
    Helen Battelley 
  • Eating to be Pain Free 
    Dolores Thomas 
  • Leading through the heart of wellbeing: Breaking the barriers of attainment in education
    Kelly Hannaghan              .
  • PTSD – The fall and rise
    Carl Jones           
  • Why Every Workplace Needs a Mental Health First Aider
    Dawn Evans 
  • Survival Tips for Anxiety and Depression 
    Gwen Goddard   
  • Creating a Kinder Culture of Trust Drives Employee Energy 
    David Beeney    
  • How to start a conversation with someone with low mental health 
    Layla Fear 
  • What’s co-occurring? The complex needs of someone using substances 
    Charlotte Hopkins             
  • Lessons learnt – when employers don’t manage their workforce mental health 
    Fflur Jones         
  •  Why Won't You Eat? (how anorexia consumed me).
    Lauren DuPlessis              . 
  • The 40 Day Breathing Plan 
    Samira Mohamed Ali      
  • Understanding Dementia and the needs of carers: what is Dementia and the impact of diagnosis? 
    Victoria Lyons     
  • M Factor: Mood and Motivation for Mental Health 
    Fin O'Regan        . 
  • The Curious Case of ADHD 
    Fin O'Regan         
  • Fighting for a Fair Start: Perinatal Mental Health 
    Sarah Witcombe Hayes   
  • Fathers' Mental Health 
    Mark Williams     
  • Surviving addiction and Childhood Trauma: My Story      
    Ryan Donovan   
  • Suicide: A Survivor's Story
    Jeremy O’Dwyer 
  • Men's Mental Health 
    Ryan Ridgway 
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