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New Year’s Resolution – take it easy

Now that 2021 has been and gone, we can enter the New Year with a new mindset and fresh goals. The tradition of New Year’s resolutions might be daunting and, for some, even overwhelming. Did you know that only 1 out of 4 people will actually stick to their resolution on average? We are here to remind you that this should be something you do for yourself. Not for others’ approval.

This year is the time for you to take care of your mental health. So, stop for a minute and take it easy this time. These few steps might help you to focus on your wellbeing:

1. Try a new routine 

Create a list of things you enjoy. Those could be little things like morning coffee or chocolate croissant for lunch as a treat. You could include some fun activities there as well, such as ideas around how you would like to spend your time after work or school. Then make sure you do one of the things from the list a day. You can repeat them and create a routine you enjoy or add some fun activities as a weekly treat. Be creative and start finding time to enjoy the little things.

2. Keep your priorities clear

Similarly to the paper routine, you should make sure that you prioritise the important things in life. Those vary among people, so you should take time to consider what is the most important for you. Don’t worry if last year’s top priority was work and you don’t feel the same way anymore. Those switch over time, and the most important thing is to recognise and accept the change.

3. Stop being so hard on yourself

It is easier said than done to stop being self-critical and hard on ourselves. Even though, it would be best if you tried to focus on a positive thing rather than all the negativity around you. The best way to realise how big of an impact negative self-talk makes on your self-esteem and wellbeing is to imagine speaking like that to your best friend. Would you say to them the same things you say to yourself? If the answer is ‘no’, try to think about what you would say to them instead and say those things to yourself.

4. Practice acceptance

We constantly strive for improvement and being better than we already are. Being motivated to achieve more is great, but the line between motivation and overworking is thin. Overworking harms your performance and might get you into a vicious circle. If you don’t give yourself time to recover and beat yourself up for your mistakes, you won’t move forward. Accept the way you are, your achievements and failures, and move forward.

5. Take time off social media

Social media can be a great way to stay in touch with your friends and bring lots of positivity into your life. But it can bring some negativity, as well. Social media sites can increase stress levels and build up your uncertainties by comparing yourself to others. It would help if you remembered that those pages show only the ups of people’s lives, and those moments people want to share with others. Their lives aren’t as perfect as they may seem in pictures. We all have our struggles. So, take some time off and instead of scrolling down social media pages, take a walk or read a good book and be gentle with yourself.

We understand that life constantly poses challenges, and we are here for you. To help you go into the New Year, we prepared a free online webinar where you can learn more about improving your wellness and wellbeing.

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