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Online Webinars

During the coronavirus pandemic, the team at Ajuda Training will continue to supply learning and development opportunities to our customers in the form of online events and webinars on a range of topics! Since May, we have put on a rage of different events around Mental Health & Wellbeing including Youth and Adult Mental Health, Inclusion, Suicide Prevention and much more.

We plan to continue delivering these free webinars to support our customers and keep them motivated and learning during this difficult time. Our online events are run on Zoom and we have grown a wonderful community of viewers over the past few months.

Read more about our upcoming and past events here, and to view some of our past online webinars, you can join our Facebook Group here where we regularly post clips from our past online events to our community of over 1,000 mental health & wellbeing professionals.

Do you have a particular topic you want covered, or are you part of an organisation who would like to provide a talk? Please get in touch with to enquire.

Upcoming Webinars

Workplace Wellbeing Webinar

8th April, 10am – 12pm on Zoom

April is Stress Awareness Month, and for our April webinar we are focusing on improving workplace mental health and wellbeing by raising awareness of stress and ways of tackling stress at work.

The facts:

  • In 2020, of British adults in employment – a staggering 79% commonly experience work-related stress. This is 20% higher than 2018's findings
  • Just 1% of UK employed adults say they ‘never’ experience workplace stress, while 17% ‘rarely’ experience stress of this kind
  • ‘Work-related office politics’ (37%) are the most common cause of work-related stress, followed by ‘lack of interdepartmental communications’ (34%), and ‘the work performance of others’ (33%)

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Show – a new virtual, interactive conference and exhibition connecting mental health/wellbeing professionals. The event aims to promote positive mental health through open conversation, promoting awareness and sharing real-life experiences. This event is sponsored and supported by Ajuda and Remploy.

We have adopted the use of some fantastic new interactive technology to give our visitors a real and personal in-event feel from the comfort of your homes!

  • Learn about the latest developments, studies, and viewpoints on a huge range of topics within mental health and wellbeing for both youth and adult settings.
  • Listen and engage with 10 live seminars and over 100 on-demand webinars available on the platform from some of the biggest names in mental health.
  • Visit hundreds of virtual exhibition stands and learn more about the fantastic services, organisations, products, charities and resources available to you and your organisation to improve the lives of people living with mental illness and to promote general wellbeing across the population.
  • Connect, meet and network with thousands of mental health and wellbeing professionals from a range of industries, specialities and backgrounds in an exciting new virtual setting.
  • Feel engaged and connected with people from around the world with our state of the art event technology, all from the comfort of your home, so no travel required!

Exhibition Entry: Free

Full Seminar Access Tickets: £45 before 28th February (£75 after)

See Seminar List Here

The event is suitable for:

Adult Services, Schools, GPs, NHS Staff, CAMHS, Housing Associations, Charities, Youth Clubs, Staff in Residential Housing for Children and Mental Health, Foster Carers, Rehabilitation Centres, Colleges, Police Services, Sports Clubs, Spiritual and Holistic Therapists and many more!

If you would like to see a particular topic covered, or you would like to take part in one of our events as a speaker on the above topics, please get in touch at

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