Our most popular seminars are selling quickly! - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Our most popular seminars are selling quickly!

Our seminar tickets have been released just under a month ago, and they are selling quickly! When designing the programme for the Mental Health & Wellbeing Show, we aimed to include a wide variety of different topics to hopefully provide as much support to as many people as possible.

Our tickets are just £10 per seminar until February, when the price will increase to £12 per seminar. We also offer a Group Booking Discount and a Student Discount which can be discussed and claimed by contacting the office on events@ajuda.org.uk or by calling 02922 400382.

Below are a selection of our most popular seminars:

Lead Well – Steps to wellbeing in education

Kate O’Connor & Kelly Hannaghan

This comprehensive seminar will help develop school leaders understanding, skills and confidence to support pupils, the community and themselves with Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The session will cover a range of strategies to fully install and embed a whole-school approach to mental wellbeing in education. Participants will learn the 5 steps in creating a flourishing school culture and climate for outstanding outcomes

Creating a Kinder Culture of Trust Drives Employee Energy

David Beeney

We look at how we can create a kinder culture of trust where managers feel confident to ask employees about their wellbeing knowing how this dramatically improves employee energy, productivity, engagement and results.

Learning outcomes:

  • We explore what it is like to suffer in silence with a mental health issue in the workplace
  • We improve our understanding of how employees learn to disguise their suffering
  • We look to inspire employees to be more open by saying ‘its okay not to be okay’ and to share vulnerabilities
  • We explore lots of ideas of how to create a kinder culture that drives energy levels and improves presenteeism.
  • We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing.
  • We understand the importance of setting the tone from the top and what we mean by management education

Self-injury Myths

Wedge from LifeSIGNS

Drowning, not waving. Everyone needs and deserves attention, and it’s bizarre that some people see ‘attention seeking’ as a reason to ignore a person and their distress!

Self-injury is not ‘attention seeking’ but can indicate a ‘need for attention’.

In this lighter talk, we’ll cover the many myths around self-injury (considering age, gender, purpose, mental illness, addiction, pain, and suicide).

Fighting For a Fair Start in Wales – Perinatal Mental Health

Sarah Witcombe-Hayes

The workshop will introduce perinatal mental health problems, including their prevalence and impact on women, partners and children. It will highlight the findings from the joint NSPCC research project ‘From Bumps to Babies’, and showcase the landscape of perinatal mental health care in Wales. It will introduce the national NSPCC Fight for a Fair Start Campaign, and demonstrate the work being done in Wales to fight to ensure all parents get the perinatal mental health support they need, wherever they live

Survival tips for anxiety and depression

Rachel Kingsbury

Rachel will talk about her story of living with mental illness, and also provide tips on how to survive anxiety and depression on a day-to-day basis.

These are methods you can use for yourself, or to recommend to someone who may have a mental health condition.

Please ensure you book your seminar tickets as early as possible to ensure you don’t miss a spot on your favourite seminar or miss out on our Early-bird ticket deals!

If you have any queries or questions, please contact the office on 02922 400382 or email events@ajuda.org.uk

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