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Carl Jones

About this Seminar:

PTSD - The fall and rise

People work in the emergency services to provide a helping hand. Their resilience can be tested to the very limits of human acceptance.
When their resilience fails and things start to fall apart, mental illness then follows.

Follow the journey of an experienced Police officer, trying to work through a tough time, falling out of an organisations welfare system and into depression and despair.

After recognising the signs of PTSD his chances of climbing back to normality was being stacked against him by the job that he once loved so much.

About the Speaker:

Carl Jones

Author and Professional Speaker

Carl is a retired Police Detective, who had to leave his career after a traumatic incident at work that saw the onset of PTSD and other related conditions.

He now works to raise the level of awareness of mental health within the blue light services and to highlight the lack of support to front line service providers.

A highly trained and experienced speaker, he is the proud author of the successful “Caveman Principles” book, that helps deal with every day stress and has just finished his latest book and is due for publication in the middle of 2020, titled “1554.”

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