Ruth Steggles - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Ruth Steggles

About this Seminar:

"Wellbeing that Works" - Simple Life Changing Ideas

Mental ill-health is not inevitable. Just as there are things we can do to look after our physical wellbeing the same is true of our mental and emotional wellbeing. This interactive session will provide you with simple tools and skills that you can take away and put in practice immediately both at home and at work.

For a fresh perspective on how we can make our lives work better, come along and see what Fresh Air Fridays have to share.

About the Speaker:

Ruth Steggles

Director of Fresh Air Fridays

Originally an Engineer and then a physics teacher, Ruth went on to successfully coach a large team of people for more than a decade. Ruth fell into the mental health arena when her daughter Katharine developed anorexia aged 12.

After much research, Ruth had a frustration that it had been hard to find the things that make a difference to mental and emotional wellbeing. She felt that these skills should be at everyone’s fingertips. With her co-founder, Rose Dixey Fresh Air Fridays set out to bridge this gap providing space, support and skills so that anyone that chooses knows how to look after their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Just as with our physical wellbeing prevention is better than cure. We know it is going to rain in your life, but with the right support, you can learn to dance in the rain!

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