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Stef Etherington

About this Seminar:

Managing Major Trauma in Schools

In 2011 a child collapsed on school premises in front of his peers and staff and died.
The school community was in shock.
The seminar will look at elements that helped the school (as a whole) and individuals cope with the trauma both in terms of systems / philosophies that were already in place and actions that we took.
As the Head Teacher at the time I will talk through my personal, ongoing, experiences.

About the Speaker:

Stef Etherington

Education Consultant

I have been involved in education for 33 years (including fifteen as a Head Teacher, four as a Consultant HT and six as an Independent Consultant). In this time I have supported a large number of staff with dealing with the stresses of the job. This ranges from sitting and listening to them, to working with them and Occupational Health to manage their leaving of the profession…and a whole host of levels in between! Stress is something we all deal with throughout our teaching careers.

I am passionate about trying to help schools and individual staff understand and manage their stresses in order that they can be both happy and productive in their work and home lives.

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