Speakers Announced for Free January Wellbeing Webinar! - Mental Health & Wellbeing Show

Speakers Announced for Free January Wellbeing Webinar!

If you’re looking to kick off 2021 in a positive and productive way, why not join us for our FREE Wellness and Wellbeing webinar on January 14th?

We’re planning a morning of inspiration and top tips on ways to promote a positive lifestyle and make a change for the next upcoming year. The webinar will run from 10am – 12pm via Zoom.

So far, we have talks planned for Meditation, Nutrition and Exercise – and some amazing speakers who will give you practical and simple tips on boosting your wellbeing for 2021.

Read more about the talks here:

A short session guiding participants through the practise of meditation. Explaining the benefits to health body mind and spirit and learning how to incorporate into your life as a regular daily routine.

Do you ever feel stretched stressed or overwhelmed, like there isn’t enough time or if you do take any time for you you feel guilty? This practical session will give you simple tools that you can use today so you can feel the way you want to feel, stop feeling guilty, have enough time and enjoy your life to the full.

Dolores works with all autoimmune diseases. Tune in and learn how three real life success stories of people turned their lives around from their debilitating symptoms through the natural methods that she uses.

We have a variety of different webinars planned for the first few months of 2021 which we are currently planning – our aim is to cover as many mental health & wellbeing topics as possible to provide our attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to support others and themselves in times of need.

We are currently planning a Children’s Mental Health for February, Eating Disorders for March and Workplace Stress for April.

Read more about out upcoming webinars here.

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