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Sport and Mental Health: The Benefits

This week in the news, Price Harry spoke about the benefits of taking part in sport, and how in turn this can aid to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The MHW office team couldn’t agree more, and are so pleased that this important topic has been highlighted by someone so influential – everyone needs to know the benefits of exercise and mental health & wellbeing!

In this short blog, we’ll highlight 3 reasons why taking part in sport can be the perfect stress-busting route to general wellbeing.

In the show in May, we’ll have Paralympic Gold Medalist, Andy Lewis MBE, speaking on how he overcame his struggles with anxiety, depression and ADHD to move forward and win a Gold Medal in the Rio Paralympics. You can read more about his session and some others at the bottom of this blog, or you can click here.

Improving your mood.

Mind Charity have listen some general benefits on their website of excercise, as many people feel that getting active improves many aspects of their life.

Many people find that they sleep better after being tired out through exercise.

Also, positive hormones are released during exercise which are known to lift mood.

Cortisol is also released during exercise, which is a stress hormone released by the adrenal glands. By releasing some of this you will in turn reduce stress levels.

Making Friends.

For many people who suffer with a mental illness or low mental health, the feeling of loneliness is a contributing factor – and for some, it is often one of the main causes of feelings of depression and anxiety. 

Although it can be daunting meeting a group of people for the first time, signing up to a team sport such as rugby, netball or football is a great way of meeting new people and building new friendships. Many of your teammates will have also felt just as nervous as you on your first day – and they should be more than happy to help out. 

Partaking in team sports can give you a sense of belonging, a new group of friends and motivation to work harder for your team – a win win situation! 

Developing a Routine

Struggling to develop a routine can also be a key contributor towards ill mental health – routines can be a great way of grounding someone and helping them to avoid negative habits which they may have. 

Needing to be in a certain place at a certain time (such as a team sport practice session) can supply people with a sense of responsibility and importance which they may not have experienced before. Some of those negative actions (such as drinking alcohol, or sleeping longer than necessary) are pushed aside so that you can dedicate your time to your new hobby – physical exercise. 

Physical Activity Sessions at MHW Show.

As we understand how important physical activity is to maintaining a good level of wellbeing, we have ensured we have included a variety of sessions on this topic at the MHW Show in May. Here are some of them with a quick summary:

Andy Lewis MBE – Paralympic Athlete VS Mental Health

Having had ADHD, Dyslexia & heightened Anxiety for most of his life – things reached breaking point in 2007 when everything came to a head and he tried to take his own life.

Fast forward to today – Andy Lewis MBE is not just an inspirational Speaker on the subjects of Mental Health & Wellbeing but also a multi winning GOLD medalist in one of the toughest sports in the world – the Paralympic Triathlon.

Andy will inspire the audience by focusing not on his story – but offering his top tips and insights into managing Anxiety in Life & Business – both personally and professionally.

Helen Battelley – Movement Matters

Boosting Personal, Social and Emotional Development through movement is an evocative seminar providing a combination and practical and theoretical content. Delegates will understand the importance and impact movement has on early brain development and cognitive processing. The course will provide delegates with the confidence and skills to be more creative with their planning and preparation to elicit excellent responses in learners through motivational learning. Underpinning knowledge will secure the ideas and processes involved in a movement methodology to sustain PSE well being in the classroom.

Ruth Steggles- “Wellbeing that Works" – Simple Life Changing Ideas

Mental ill-health is not inevitable. Just as there are things we can do to look after our physical wellbeing the same is true of our mental and emotional wellbeing. This interactive session will provide you with simple tools and skills that you can take away and put in practice immediately both at home and at work.

For a fresh perspective on how we can make our lives work better, come along and see what Fresh Air Fridays have to share.

Ruth’s talk will feature Fresh Air Fridays, an initiative to encourage people to step outside to improve their mental health.

To book onto any of the above sessions, please either book via Eventbrite (link here) or visit our downloads page to get a paper booking form and return to

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