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Time to change, Time To Talk

These days it’s reported that around 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems. That is a good enough reason to aim to end the stigma around it to help people feel less alone. Join us and support Time To Talk Day on 6th February 2020. Help us fight the discrimination of people touched by mental illness!

What it is all about?

This day was created by Time to Change to raise awareness about the mental health problems and help to end the stigma around this topic. Many people claim that that stigma and discrimination are as damaging, or more damaging, than the symptoms of their mental health problem.

This year Time to Change use the ‘Would you rather?’ game to spread the importance of conversations about the mental health. By getting people talk about it we can help break down stereotypes connected with the issue that affects us all. This day is a perfect opportunity to gather around your family and friends and encourage them to talk about their problems.

How can you help?

Did you ever think that chatting with a person who suffers from a mental illness can actually save a life? If not, it is time for you to do something about it because you can change someone’s life with a short conversation. Just be there for them. Let them talk and you just listen to them.

It is often the thing that they need the most to feel valued and cared about. They need you to listen to them and not to rush them. Let them finish. Then ask some additional question to better understand how they are feeling. Help them get rid off the burden they were carrying for this whole time.

After having a conversation, try to signpost them to the closest organisation which can help them. There are some examples of support services:

• Call 116 123 free helpline – open 24/7
• Email jo@samaritans.org – with response time of 24 hours
• Go to the NHS website to find the nearest Mental Health Support Service https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/other-services/Mental%20health%20support/LocationSearch/330
• In more serious/dangerous cases make sure that they go to their GP

Ajuda for mental health

The topic of mental health is extremely important for Ajuda, as we focus on educating people to save lives. You can save lives not only by helping people with their physical problems but most importantly you can save lives by talking with people and listening to them. This way you can help them with more complicated psychological issues.

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Show was created with the main goal to highlight the importance of the mental health and to increase the awareness about it so that people can better support others suffering with a mental illness. We hope that our selection of seminars provide a wide variety of topics for our visitors to learn more about, and we’re so pleased with the great selection of exhibitors we have visiting on the day.

Make a change and contribute to Time To Talk Day. Encourage your colleagues, family and friends to talk more about mental health Maybe it is a good occasion to buy them a ticket for one
of our seminars?

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